Walls Administrator Essentials eLearning Course

Intapp Walls Administrator Essentials

Intapp Walls Administrator Essentials is the core training that ensures your success in administering, configuring, and supporting Intapp Walls.

Course materials

Introduction to Intapp Walls

  • Course overview & resources
  • The Intapp Walls difference
  • Intapp Walls terminology

Creating walls

  • Creating a simple wall
  • Policy Types
  • Wall UDFs
  • Attaching files
  • Client | Matter | People tool tips
  • Self-maintaining walls
  • Global self-maintaining exceptions

Walls features

  • Dashboard | Widgets
  • Attorney | Secretary Pairing
  • Wall Roles
  • Reports
  • Dynamic Groups

Securing downstream systems

  • Communication and security implementation
  • Configuring Library | XML
  • Repair process


  • Creating templates
  • Scheduled notifications
  • Data Attributes
  • Acknowledgements
  • Policy Type notification templates
  • Digest notifications

IT Administration

  • Managing users
  • Central Administration
    • Power Users Group
  • System Log Level
  • Architecture
  • Performance
  • Maintenance

Sync rules & Intapp Integrate

  • UI Integrate overview
  • Syncing data to Walls
  • Working with Logs

Infrastructure & troubleshooting

  • Server configuration
  • System logs
  • Performance
  • Common issues
  • Walls database


  • Walls and iManage

Net Documents

  • Walls and NetDocuments

Who should take this course?

Intapp Walls Administrator Essentials is designed for:

  • New system administrators responsible for the setup, configuration, and maintenance or their firm’s Intapp Walls infrastructure
  • Business analysts and other people that would benefit from deepening their knowledge of Intapp Walls, including compliance professionals and IT team members

What will you learn in this course?

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Customize your application, including system settings, user configuration, integrations, and notifications
  • Create and configure new walls
  • Integrate Intapp Walls with downstream systems
  • Resolve common troubleshooting issues

Business Value

  • Make the most of your investment – unlock additional feature value by learning tips and tricks to increase efficiency and improve performance
  • Accelerate time to value – shorten the ramp up time for system administrators and other key staff members, enabling them to make a highly effective contribution with Intapp Walls quickly
  • Increase firm independence – create new walls, trackers and teams and simplify change management by reducing your dependency on third party service providers
  • Identify and resolve issues faster – keep your business on track and maximize user productivity

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