Intapp Flow Power User Essentials

Intapp Flow is our no-code process automation tool that streamlines workflows, eliminating the need for complex and custom coding and empowering IT teams, business services, and practices to rapidly build and automate key processes. The Intapp Flow Power User Essentials provides users an Intapp Flow application overview and a guided walk through all aspects of Flow. This course focuses on 4 key areas.

First, there are series of videos that describe the Flow web applications and various navigational aspects to allow users to get to the information they are looking for quickly.

Second, the designer collection of videos dives into all the designers that empower users to build and automate processes rapidly without writing a single line of code.

The third area focuses on the integration capabilities that allow firms to rapidly bring data into Flow as well as push information out from Flow at various stages of the process.

The fourth and last area describes the user management with various roles, capabilities and provides guidance around the import/export functionality.