Managing Portal Dashboards: Review Exercise

Objective: Familiarize yourself with the content that appears on the various dashboard reports in your firm’s instance of Intapp CRM in order to further understand the ability to configure the layout and “widgets” that are used in each dashboard report.


Review some of the main dashboards that appear on the left-hand panel after you initially login to Intapp CRM.
Practice using the columns and filter icons at the top of data grids to understand how an end user can use these icons to manipulate the content that displays on data grids.
Locate a chart on one of the main dashboard reports and try clicking into a series to access the details about the underlying entries that make up that component of the chart.
Locate a chart with a chart legend and practice clicking on a series from the chart legend to understand how to temporarily remove that series from the displayed chart.
Either search for or click into a specific company entry so that you can review the “detail pages” that are currently configured for this type of entry in Intapp CRM.
Follow the hyperlinks for another type of entry (e.g. a Contact) and review the “detail pages that are currently configured for this type of entry.