Intapp CRM Basics: Review Exercise

Objective: In this exercise, you will navigate through your Intapp CRM environment to become familiar with general site navigation, as well as the various types of entries your firm is adding and what their corresponding entry forms look like.


Access the web portal from Google Chrome.
From the homepage of the web portal, try zooming out a notch or two to see if the main dashboards present better (Ctrl – on a Windows machine / Option Command – on a Mac).
Review the main firm-level dashboards to understand what content displays on these reports.
Using the search bar, search for and select any Company entry to review the details for a company in your environment.
Review all of the additional dashboards established for the company detail pages by clicking into them from the dashboard menu on the left-hand side of the web portal. Be sure to scroll up and down to view all content.
Take note of where you can locate the data grid containing the related activities that have been tagged to that company (such as synced emails or meeting/notes.)
Locate the data grid containing the contacts for that company (if any exist.)
Mark the company as a favorite by clicking the favorite ribbon icon at the top right of any company details page.
Either follow the hyperlink for a contact on the Contacts data grid or search for a contact entry in the search bar.
Review the layout of the Contact detail pages as well, understanding what data displays on these dashboards based on their current configuration.
Mark the contact as a favorite by clicking the favorite icon at the top right of any contact details page.
Click the pencil icon at the top right of the contact details page and notice how you can open the entry for edit this way. Cancel out of the edit entry window.
Notice the Favorites drop-down presented on the main blue horizontal menu bar, as well as how the favorited entries now appear here.
Navigate to the home page of Intapp CRM using the Intapp CRM logo at the top left of the web portal.
Click once in the search bar and notice the recently visited entries that appear in the quick search results – make note of this as the easiest way to jump back to details on a recently visited entry.
From the main dashboard menu, see if you can locate a dashboard that is named something similar to “My Dashboard”. Review the content that appears on this dashboard and understand that this page is designed to filter out only entries that have been tagged to your user in some way (e.g. all contacts where you are marked as the relationship owner.)
Navigate to a list of all contacts in your Intapp CRM environment using the Lists menu.
Click the filters icon and apply any quick filter to try to narrow down the list by some filter criteria (e.g. all contacts located in a certain state).
Now navigate to a list of all companies from Lists > Companies.
Try applying a filter for companies of a specific type by clicking the Filter icon and choosing filter criteria of Type “In” and selecting one or more company types.
Click the Add menu and observe the entry choices that appear. These items will be accessed by your users to add entries to Intapp CRM.
Look through the entry forms for the main lists such as Company, Contact, Opportunity and Meeting/Note. Note how the entry forms pivot and adjust in some cases based on the values you pick for presented drop-down fields.
Note how for some fields on the entry forms, you can access the blue Add icon to launch another entry form on top of the current one (e.g. Click ADD Meeting/Note and notice how if you need to add a new Company entry while filling out the meeting/note entry form, you can click Add next to the Company field and the company entry form launches on top of that.)
Navigate back to your favorited Company and locate the Contacts data grid.
Click the EDIT icon at the top right of the contacts data grid. Tab through the Edit Grid and start to get familiar with how you can use this area to make edits to entries in bulk.
Cancel out of the Edit Grid.