Bulk Data Entry: Review Exercise

Objective: In this exercise, you will review the experience that you can expect when working in the Edit Grid to create and/or update multiple entries at once.


Navigate to Lists>Companies.
Apply a filter to narrow the list down to a smaller list of Companies (e.g. apply a Company Type filter) by clicking the Filter icon at the top right.
Click the EDIT Pencil Icon at the top right and select Bulk Edit Entries.
Scroll to the right to review the columns of data that present on the Edit Grid. Note the fields marked with a red asterisk are the required fields.
Notice the ability to click into fields in the grid and make edits.
Click the Columns icon and use the ability to Show/Hide columns using the eye icon to toggle different columns on/off temporarily.
Try dragging and dropping a column that appears on the bottom of the list to the top.
Try applying another filter while in the Edit Grid to further narrow down the list to just Company entries that are missing a sub-type value (click Filters in the Edit Grid and choose Sub-Type “Is Empty”). Notice how the list of entries is further filtered down.
Now scroll to the first blank line in the grid. This is the first line that can be used to add new entries when working in the Edit Grid.
Click Close to cancel out of the Edit Grid (do not make any changes unless you are certain you wish to update the entries you were editing.)