Intake & Conflicts Administrator Essentials

Intapp Intake & Conflicts Administrator Essentials is the core training course that ensures your success in administering, configuring, and supporting Intapp Intake & Conflicts.

Modules and Topics

Data management
■ View Clients, Matter and Parties
■ Add custom fields
■ Modify data layout

Conflict Searches and Reports
■ Define conflict rules
■ Search conflicts
■ Resolve conflict reports
■ Manage conflict data
■ Run quick searches

■ Create and manage requests
■ Understand request states

■ Define form questions and configuration
■ Form administration and maintenance

■ Understand integration types
■ Use integrations with forms

Users and Groups
■ Configure user settings
■ Understand groups and roles
■ Apply capabilities and permissions

■ Create Workflows
■ Manage workflow states
■ Link forms to workflows

■ Create global and local notifications
■ Design notification templates
■ Work with data objects

System Administration
■ Review common settings
■ UI configuration
■ Dashboard configuration

■ Explain API functionality

■ Applying hot fixes to Intake & Conflicts

Course Details

A course designed for systems administrators, business analysts, power users and members of your IT team, this 5 day classroom course walks the attendee through customization of the application, creation of work flows and forms, integration with external systems, troubleshooting common issues and more.  This training will enable you and your team to capitalize on Intapp Intake & Conflicts versatility and empower you to resolve issues faster.

Who should take this course?

Intake & Conflicts Administrator Essentials is designed for:
■ New system administrators responsible for the setup, configuration, and maintenance or their firm’s Intapp Intake & Conflicts infrastructure
■ Business analysts and other people that would benefit from deepening their knowledge of Intapp Intake & Conflicts, including power users and IT team members

What will you learn in this course?

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
■ Customize your application, including system settings, user configuration, integrations, and security settings
■ Create new workflows and forms to support the intake process
■ Configure conflicts reports to meet your firm’s needs
■ Integrate Intake & Conflicts data with external systems
■ Resolve common troubleshooting issues

Business Value

■ Make the most of your investment – unlock additional feature value by learning tips and tricks to increase efficiency and improve performance
■ Accelerate time to value – shorten the ramp up time for system adminis-trators and other key staff members, enabling them to make a highly effective contribution with Intapp Intake & Conflicts quickly
■ Reduce vendor dependency – create new workflows, reports and config-urations without the need for additional services projects
■ Proactively prevent data and database issues – maintain the system properly to avoid errors and bad data
■ Resolve issues faster – 50% of all support cases submitted to Intapp could be resolved internally within the firm by a trained team member