Foundations for Conflicts Analysts

The Foundations for Conflicts Analysts training course is a comprehensive program that educates analysts in the recognition, analysis, and resolution of conflicts. The three-day course combines live instruction with hands-on activities designed to provide students with the knowledge and practical experience to jump start their career in conflicts analysis or reinforce their analytical skills and further their professional development. The Foundations for Conflicts Analysts course uses Intapp Conflicts as the search platform. It is available to firms that license Intapp Conflicts and vendors that provide staffing resources at firms that license Intapp Conflicts.

Please note that this course has unique US and UK course modules which are indicated as such below.

Before taking the Foundations for Conflicts Analysts course, students must complete the complimentary Navigating Intapp Conflicts course available on demand through Intapp’s Customer Community. This course presents the basic functionality of Intapp Conflicts–searching, applying business rules and filters, and interacting with conflicts search results. Experienced Intapp Conflicts users can test out of the Navigating Intapp Conflicts course.

Foundation of Conflicts Analysis

Lecture-Based Instruction
• Setting the Stage
• Legal Malpractice (US Only)
• Approaching Conflicts Searches
• Sidebar on Lateral Hires (UK Only)

Scenario-Based Practicum
• Litigation, Transactional and IP Subject Matter Scenarios

Foundation of Conflicts Resolution

Lecture-Based Instruction
• Setting the Stage
• Approaching Conflicts Resolution (US Only)

Scenario-Based Practicum
• Litigation, Transactional, Bankruptcy and Trust & Estates

Foundation of the Analysis and Resolution of Laterals (US Only)

Lecture-Based Instruction
• Setting the Stage

Scenario-Based Practicum
• Lateral Scenarios

Introduction to Know-Your-Client and Anti-Money Laundering Risk Research (UK Only)

Lecture-Based Instruction
• Setting the Stage

Scenario-Based Practicum
• Lateral Scenarios

Who should take this course?

Foundations for Conflicts Analysts is designed for:
• New conflicts analysts who require education on the fundamentals of conflicts analysis
• Individuals, including paralegals, seeking to broaden their knowledge and qualifications for consideration for conflicts analysts roles
• Conflicts analysts who are new to using Intapp Conflicts
• Third-party outsourcing vendors, offering temporary staff that have been trained on Intapp Conflicts according to leading analytical and research practices

What will you learn in this course?
Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
• Understand the content of a conflicts database, including clients | matters | parties, black book entries, and corporate family trees
• Perform conflicts searches using Intapp Conflicts
• Apply business rules and filters to a conflicts search
• Assess and analyze results to identify ethical and business conflicts
• Acquire basic knowledge about analyzing and resolving conflicts
• Master conflicts communiques
• Understand the different regimes governing lateral hires in the US and UK
• Apply lessons learned with scenario-based conflicts analysis and resolution practicums

Business Value
• Make the most of your investment – unlock additional feature value to increase efficiency and improve performance
• Accelerate time to value – provide a strong conceptual platform to help Conflicts Analysts make an effective contribution with Intapp Conflicts more quickly
• Identify and resolve issues faster – Enable analysts to assess complex conflicts situations and use escalation protocols more effectively